‘Walking on hands’ training step by step (HSP 12 Steps)

About 6 years ago, I started a training method for learning how to walk on your hands called HSP 12 Steps. For most of people, handstand walking is not easy to do. People don’t even think about it in their whole lives. I was one of them until I started HSP 12 Steps. It took me around 12 months to be able to walk 50 steps on my hands. Then I stopped practicing for a while. Recently I felt I wanted to start doing the training again.

Actually, I wanted it in a better way because I was sure that doing HSP 12 Steps would bring me a positive and passionate mind to change my life. One morning, I realized this training is really great for helping me be healthier and feel better. I’d love to share this training with many people who want to make a change in their life. That’s why I wrote this post.

– Step#1: Push-ups (70 for men, 50 for women)

HSP 12 Step #1: Push up

HSP 12 Step #1

  • Tip #1: Move slowly to strengthen your muscles.
  • Tip #2: Try 3 sets of push-ups continuously with a short stretching break between each set.
  • Tip #3: Alternate push-ups with lower body (abdomen & legs) strengthening exercises every other day.



– Step#2: Hold a forward & backward ‘Bridge’ posture (5 min for men, 3 min for women)

HSP 12 Step #2

HSP 12 Step #2

  • Tip #1: Make a plow posture before and after.
  • Tip #2: Do neck exercises before and after.
  • Tip #3: Supplement with Tricep exercises using a chair.




– Step#3: Bridge Push-ups (40 for men, 30 for women)

HSP 12 Step #3

HSP 12 Step #3

  • Tip #1: Do Hand-gripper Exercise.
  • Tip #2: Do wrist-strengthening exercises by using weights or other tools.
  • Tip #3: Try 3 sets of Bridge push-ups continuously with short stretching breaks in between.





– Step#4: Headstand without wall (2 min for men, 1 min for women)

HSP 12 Step #4

HSP 12 Step #4

  • Tip#1: Two postures are possible: lower arms on the floor or palms on the floor. It’s safer to do this exercise on mat.
  • Tip#2: If you lose your balance, tuck in your neck and roll to the ground.
  • Tip#3: Do rolling backward & forward exercise before and after.
  • Tip#4: Practice doing a headstand against the wall.
  • Tip#5: As a supplementary exercise, lie on you back and do leg lifts with your legs straight to strengthen your core muscles.






– Step#5: Handstand Pushups against a wall (50 for men, 30 for women)

HSP 12 Step #5

HSP 12 Step #5

  • Tip#1: Strengthen wrists by using weights or rubber bands.






– Step#6: Headstand without wall ( 3 min for men, 2 min for women)

HSP 12 Step #6

HSP 12 Step #6

  • Tip#1: This is same as step#4, but for a longer time.
  • Tip#2: When you lose your balance, bend neck and roll back.






– Step#7: Hold Handstand against a wall (1 min 30 sec for men, 1 min for women)

HSP 12 Step #7

HSP 12 Step #7

  • Tip #1: Practice breathing comfortably.
  • Tip #2: Increase the amount of time you hold it little by little.







– Step#8: Deep Handstand push-ups against a wall (5 for men, 3 for women)

HSP 12 Step #8

HSP 12 Step #8








– Step#9: Handstand walking against a wall  (100 for men, 80 for women)

HSP 12 Step #9

HSP 12 Step #9

  • Tip #1: Move hips naturally left and right in your own rhythm.
  • Tip #2: When your body center moves to one side, lift up your arm on the other side lightly.







– Step#10: Handstand against a wall then step to & from wall (10 for men, 10 for women)

HSP 12 Step #10

HSP 12 Step #10








– Step#11: Handstand walking without a wall (15 steps for men, 10 steps )

HSP 12 Step #11

HSP 12 Step #11








– Step#12: Handstand walking without a wall (50 steps for men, 36 steps )

HSP 12 Step #12

HSP 12 Step #12








I think just 30 minutes per day will be enough for most people to reach step 12 within one year. I will post my video clip of handstand walking on Bell Rock soon. Thank you to Ilchi Lee for creating this great training method. He said, “The HSP 12 steps is devotion and love to yourself. This revives everything.” I wish for all of you to get HSP! (Health, Smile, Peace) through this training.

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Solar Body Lectures & Book Signing – Sedona

Are you looking for something you can do when you hike to make your feeling of Vortex energy 2 times stronger? Join this event.

August 22, 2015 (Sat)
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336

About the Event:
Come for an illuminating afternoon of talks and experiences on natural healing. New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee brings you his revolutionary Solar Body natural healing method that has inspired millions worldwide.

For registration, click here.


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Solar Body Method

If you do this practice while you are hiking, you can double your feeling of Vortex energy. It is called the Solar Body Method. You can watch how to do it here.

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Sedona Vortex Meditation

If you are interested in Sedona or Bellrock but not available to visit, you can watch this.

Sedona Energy Meditation

Sedona Energy Meditation

Sedona Energy Meditation

There are many guided meditation videos you can feel Sedona Vortex Energy.

Take this video tour of the red rocks and beautiful naturescapes that make Sedona, Arizona unique. Discover the reasons why this healing land is considered sacred, what a Sedona vortex is, and other ways Sedona is special.

From www.ChangeYourEnergy.com

Also you can watch this video I recently filmed by using my phone. 360 degree view near Schnebly Hill.

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A book about Bell Rock

I like this fantasy book because it is about Bell Rock.

The Secret of Mago Castle

The Secret of Mago Castle

‘… A single mountain in the shape of a bell stood apart from the neighboring buttes. Suna’s voice echoed through his head. Go up Bell Rock and you will find your answer. Remembering their encounter calmed him. Something about her presence reminded him of home …’

– From ‘The Secret of Mago Castle’

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Bell Rock Vortex Ki-gong

When I go to Bell Rock I usually do my own series of trainings such as body-tapping, shaking, yoga-stretching and breathing. My favorite is Ki-gong (Chi- or Qi-). Taichi is a form of Ki-gong. Ki-gong is a gentle movement of feeling and accumulating subtle energy. It is also called a moving meditation. All ages can enjoy it. Bell Rock is one of the strongest vortexes so I think Ki-gong is one of the best exercises we can do there.

Bellrock Vortex Kigong

When I do Ki-gong on the top of Bell Rock I feel as if I am strongly connecting to the energy of nature. After practicing Ki-gong for 5 to 10 minutes it is easier for me to meditate within the beauty of the red rocks. I named the Ki-gong that I do on Bell Rock as Bell Rock Vortex Ki-gong because I have practiced it a few hundred times on Bell Rock and received inspirations while doing it. Let me share three of them.

1. Bell Rock has a very stable triangle-shape with the center within the lower side. It is good to lower our body and bend our knees as much as we can for the stability. This movement is also good to strengthen our legs.

2. Bell Rock has a spiral shape with a center axis. I do various rotating movements while remaining centered. I think this is good for our spine and our whole body’s circulation of energy.

3. Bell Rock is a still rock but there are lots of life-phenomena in it. I often stay in stillness as well as slow movements. This is specially good for purification and accumulation of energy.

This Ki-gong does not have specific fixed forms. As long as we keep feeling vortex energy through harmony of breathing, movement, and awareness any natural movements are okay. No worry about memorizing forms.^__^

I wish for many people to obtain the benefits of Ki-gong especially here on Bell Rock for their healthy life.

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Sedona Spirit Event

Sedona's Rhythm - Korean Power DrummingI am a member of one of Sedona’s local drumming groups called Sedona’s Rhythm. It is still a little difficult for me to follow the fast musical note. But when I play a drum, I feel that I go inside of the natural vibration of my whole body becoming refreshed and joyful. I also think just watching and listening to the drumming brings similar effects when they open-up.

Our group performs in pubic and the next one is on November 12th, Sat 7pm, at the Sedona Performing Arts Center located at the Red Rock High School. Other drumming groups such as the Japanese drum and the African drum are also scheduled to perform as well as a hip hop dance group and a cappella chorus group.

The event is featuring Ilchi Lee, author of The Call of Sedona, which is one of my favorites. This is the event poster. I like it because it has Bell Rock on it ^__^

Sedona Spirit Event featuring Ilchi Lee

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Bell Rock friends – May to Oct, 2011

When I hike on Bell Rock, I get to meet many visitors and often ask if they would like me to take to take a photo of them. Most of them love it. Usually I take a photo using their camera and later they send me the photo by email. Sometimes I take photos using my camera. These are some of them:

Aoyagi came from Japan in May, 2011. I like his big smile. He sent me this photo but this was not taken by me.

Aoyagi from Japan

Aoyagi from Japan

Maki came from Japan too in July, 2011. We climbed up to top of Bell Rock. She likes playing a flute and dancing.

Maki from Japan

Maki from Japan

Oliver and Julien came from France in October, 2011.

Oliver and Julien

Oliver and Julien

ADELL came from Redondo Beach, CA and Monica from Tempe, AZ in October, 2011. I like their hats.

Adell and Monica

Adell and Monica

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Bell Rock as a Vortex

Bell Rock and MeditationWhen I look at Bell Rock I often feel centered and connected to the strong energy of heaven and earth. I think the shape of Bell Rock is one of the reasons I feel that way.

For example, Bell Rock is a triangle toward the sky. At times it resembles a person meditating in a half-lotus posture. In the ancient oriental culture the physical center or the second chakra of our body is in our lower abdomen. Thus the half-lotus position is a very centered. After some basic warm-up practices such as shaking, tapping, and/or stretching the body for 5 to 10 minutes, sitting in a half lotus or any comfortable posture for meditation is one of great things I do on Bell Rock.

Bell Rock and Vortex
Bell Rock also feels like a spiral with a center-axis when it is viewed from the sky as the Google map shows. Many books about Sedona usually state that Bell Rock is a vortex with a masculine or electric energy. It is recommended for people who want to receive a message or healing. I think the shape of Bell Rock contains the message and contributes to the healing.

When I meditate on Bell Rock, I often receive good ideas for my work or messages for my life’s journey. I appreciate Bell Rock and when I have a big decision to make I bring it to Bell Rock and do some practices sincerely and then meditate on it. Naturally the answer comes to my mind and it then becomes my choice to take action on it.

If you have an issue to decide or solve and need a place to it think over, come to Bell Rock. Bell Rock will help you get the answer.

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Sedona guide books I like

There are many great guide books on Sedona. All of them have their own perspective with information on hiking, climate, history, wild life, etc. All are very interesting especially to nature-friendly people ^_^. Though it is a little difficult to choose only a few books among them, I’d like to recommend 3 books and one free guide for those who want to experience the beauty of Sedona and the peacefulness of meditation. These 3 books are ranked within the top 3 on Amazon.com doing a search on Sedona.

Sedona's top 10 hikes by Dennis AndresMr Sedona, Dennis Andres at Bell RockSedona’s top 10 hikes
When people visit Sedona and want to hike, they are curious about what is the best hike for them. Because there are hundreds of trails here in Sedona. This book is very helpful in such a case. I checked to see if I liked all 10 and I do agree on his selections. The author, Dannis Andre, is one of the well-known Sedona guides and is called Mr Sedona. One day last May when I was hiking on Bell Rock I happened to meet him and his friend. He was filming his guide video for his mobile app. We talked a little bit about mobile apps as well as small flying biting bugs. It was a short talk but I felt he has lots of knowledge on Sedona from his experiences as a guide. You can see his books in most of the stores in Sedona.

Sedona, treasure of the southwest by Kathleen BryantSedona, treasure of the southwest

This book is one of great Sedona photo album books. The reason I like this book is that it has many great photos and also brief stories about people living here. It gives you an idea of the harmonious life of people and nature. It is a good souvenir from Sedona. A Kindle version is also available. A few weeks ago I purchased this book and mailed it to my parents in South Korea to share with them the beauty of Sedona. I wanted to invite them here but they are too old to travel this far. I hope they can feel it through the large photos.

The Call of Sedona by Ilchi LeeThe Call of Sedona, Journey of the Heart

This book was recently published by Ilchi Lee. He visited Sedona about 15 years ago and received many messages through his own meditation in many great places including the vortexes. He eventually moved to Sedona and founded Sedona Mago Retreat, one of the biggest meditation centers in the Sedona area. His book shows how to meditate on all the vortex areas including practical guides on how to feel vortex energy. This book is very inspiring to me and I am able to feel the same energy he did. For example, he climbed to the top of Bell Rock over 100 times for meditation during both the day and night time. If you want to meditate or get your own answers from nature, this book will be useful.

Recreation Guide to Your National Forest by Sedona, US forest serviceRecreation Guide to Your National Forest
There are many tourist information centers in Sedona where they offer free guides. Among the ones I like is this one by the US Forest Service because it has the most practical and useful information for hikers and visitors. It has only a few pages but they contain a loving perspective of nature. This is very informative for kids to experience and learn about.

Let me share a poem I like from The Call of Sedona by Ilchi Lee:

Whatever path brought you here
There is a reason why you came,
Though you may not know it now.

So, please open your ears and listen.
Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.
The old juniper standing tall in the golden sunset
just might reveal it to you…

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