A friend from Japan, Naoto

bellrock friend, naotoI met a young visitor from Japan on May 24, 2011 who was traveling for 5 months in the United States by himself without a car. He had been using the Greyhound Bus Line to move between cities. He said he wanted his own experiences before starting his job after school graduation. It had been a month since he started his travel and he had already visited LA, NY, Salt Lake City, and other places. While I listened to his story, I could feel his courage, determination, and enthusiasm.

After speaking with him I realized that he needed to know how to keep healthy and positive in mind in order to accomplish his long travel. So I taught him about how to recover and accumulate energy, how to walk healthy, how to meditate as well as introductions to Sedona Vortexes.

Sometimes I get to talk with people visiting Bell Rock. I often ask them a question: “What is your dream?” The reason I ask this is because all people with a dream look beautiful and happy when they talk about it. I also get a loving and peaceful feeling when I listen to their story.

So I asked that question to him. He said that his dream is “open and manage one of best hamburger shops in Japan” because he loves hamburgers. It’s one of the reasons he is traveling to the US. I asked him which hamburger in the States he likes the best and he stated Shake Shack in NY. Naturally the topic became the best hamburgers. I told him I like In-n-Out. I especially love their fries. I’ve read an article on the Internet about the best hamburgers in US, and they are Shake Shack, In-n-Out and Five-Guys.

bellrock friend, naotoAfter giving him a ride to Cathedral Rock we shared a hug and a good-bye. I imagined that his big backpack contained his dream. I prayed in silence that his travels would be one of his most precious and useful life-experiences.

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