Bell Rock Vortex Ki-gong

When I go to Bell Rock I usually do my own series of trainings such as body-tapping, shaking, yoga-stretching and breathing. My favorite is Ki-gong (Chi- or Qi-). Taichi is a form of Ki-gong. Ki-gong is a gentle movement of feeling and accumulating subtle energy. It is also called a moving meditation. All ages can enjoy it. Bell Rock is one of the strongest vortexes so I think Ki-gong is one of the best exercises we can do there.

Bellrock Vortex Kigong

When I do Ki-gong on the top of Bell Rock I feel as if I am strongly connecting to the energy of nature. After practicing Ki-gong for 5 to 10 minutes it is easier for me to meditate within the beauty of the red rocks. I named the Ki-gong that I do on Bell Rock as Bell Rock Vortex Ki-gong because I have practiced it a few hundred times on Bell Rock and received inspirations while doing it. Let me share three of them.

1. Bell Rock has a very stable triangle-shape with the center within the lower side. It is good to lower our body and bend our knees as much as we can for the stability. This movement is also good to strengthen our legs.

2. Bell Rock has a spiral shape with a center axis. I do various rotating movements while remaining centered. I think this is good for our spine and our whole body’s circulation of energy.

3. Bell Rock is a still rock but there are lots of life-phenomena in it. I often stay in stillness as well as slow movements. This is specially good for purification and accumulation of energy.

This Ki-gong does not have specific fixed forms. As long as we keep feeling vortex energy through harmony of breathing, movement, and awareness any natural movements are okay. No worry about memorizing forms.^__^

I wish for many people to obtain the benefits of Ki-gong especially here on Bell Rock for their healthy life.

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