Reasons I love Bell Rock

Mr BellrockThere are many reasons to love Bell Rock. I find a new reason each time I climb to its top. Let me share several reasons with you now.

1. Bell Rock is so beautiful. I often whisper to myself that I’m living in heaven. When I looked around while standing at the mid-point of its north side this morning, I actually felt its beauty coming into my body with purity and peace. There are three other major vortexes visible from here.

2. Bell Rock is conveniently accessible to people of all ages. It usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes to reach it from the North and South parking areas. People can choose which hike suits them best, whether around the bottom or to the top depending on their skill level and physical conditions.

3. Bell Rock has many trails. A person can hike around it or climb to its top. Very few of the red rocks in Sedona provide for such enjoyment and exploration. I especially like the energy at its top because it helps me receive messages while I meditate there.

4. Bell Rock helps me live a sharing life. I meet many locals and visitors on Bell Rock. The tourists come to Sedona from all over the world, either with a particular purpose or simply to feel the energy of the vortex. I don’t mind picking up their trash, taking a photo of them, showing them around, or demonstrating my own disciplines.

5. Bell Rock is like my spiritual teacher. It provides me with healing and vitality as well as wisdom and knowledge in each moment. It also helps me receive gratitude, joy, and love in my life’s journey.

I go to Bell Rock today wishing all people coming to here also receive similar benefits for their own health and happiness.

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