Sedona guide books I like

There are many great guide books on Sedona. All of them have their own perspective with information on hiking, climate, history, wild life, etc. All are very interesting especially to nature-friendly people ^_^. Though it is a little difficult to choose only a few books among them, I’d like to recommend 3 books and one free guide for those who want to experience the beauty of Sedona and the peacefulness of meditation. These 3 books are ranked within the top 3 on doing a search on Sedona.

Sedona's top 10 hikes by Dennis AndresMr Sedona, Dennis Andres at Bell RockSedona’s top 10 hikes
When people visit Sedona and want to hike, they are curious about what is the best hike for them. Because there are hundreds of trails here in Sedona. This book is very helpful in such a case. I checked to see if I liked all 10 and I do agree on his selections. The author, Dannis Andre, is one of the well-known Sedona guides and is called Mr Sedona. One day last May when I was hiking on Bell Rock I happened to meet him and his friend. He was filming his guide video for his mobile app. We talked a little bit about mobile apps as well as small flying biting bugs. It was a short talk but I felt he has lots of knowledge on Sedona from his experiences as a guide. You can see his books in most of the stores in Sedona.

Sedona, treasure of the southwest by Kathleen BryantSedona, treasure of the southwest

This book is one of great Sedona photo album books. The reason I like this book is that it has many great photos and also brief stories about people living here. It gives you an idea of the harmonious life of people and nature. It is a good souvenir from Sedona. A Kindle version is also available. A few weeks ago I purchased this book and mailed it to my parents in South Korea to share with them the beauty of Sedona. I wanted to invite them here but they are too old to travel this far. I hope they can feel it through the large photos.

The Call of Sedona by Ilchi LeeThe Call of Sedona, Journey of the Heart

This book was recently published by Ilchi Lee. He visited Sedona about 15 years ago and received many messages through his own meditation in many great places including the vortexes. He eventually moved to Sedona and founded Sedona Mago Retreat, one of the biggest meditation centers in the Sedona area. His book shows how to meditate on all the vortex areas including practical guides on how to feel vortex energy. This book is very inspiring to me and I am able to feel the same energy he did. For example, he climbed to the top of Bell Rock over 100 times for meditation during both the day and night time. If you want to meditate or get your own answers from nature, this book will be useful.

Recreation Guide to Your National Forest by Sedona, US forest serviceRecreation Guide to Your National Forest
There are many tourist information centers in Sedona where they offer free guides. Among the ones I like is this one by the US Forest Service because it has the most practical and useful information for hikers and visitors. It has only a few pages but they contain a loving perspective of nature. This is very informative for kids to experience and learn about.

Let me share a poem I like from The Call of Sedona by Ilchi Lee:

Whatever path brought you here
There is a reason why you came,
Though you may not know it now.

So, please open your ears and listen.
Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.
The old juniper standing tall in the golden sunset
just might reveal it to you…

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