A Rainy Day

In Sedona’s Monsoon season, usually July, August and September, it is hard to predict the weather. It can be very clear and sunny in the morning but a T-storm can suddenly show up in the afternoon. So during this season, hikers have to be prepared to meet this kind of unexpected T-storm in the middle of hike.

Hail in parking lot of bell rockSometimes my mind whispers to myself about something strange to do. ^_^ This evening it was raining with a scary thundering sound and lightning here and there. I thought now is a good time to obtain some experience on how dangerous hiking and climbing are in the rain. I can then tell people what I will learn. I decided to climb up Bell Rock.

When I arrived in the north parking lot, it had rained very heavily. There was also hail. I even saw lightning about 1 mile in front of me. After waiting for a while in my car, I started climbing up Bell Rock. I stayed under trees when it rained heavily and I saw several waterfalls along the way. I heard the sound of rocks falling but I made sure none fell on me.water fall in bell rock

Finally I arrived at top of Bell Rock through many kinds of scary experiences with heavy rain, lightning, falling rocks, and slippery land. I did my regular training like body-shaking, tapping, Qi-gong and meditation there. When I did a meditation, there was still lightning among the clouds in the sky. The lesson I received through meditation is that life is sometimes suffering but it is transient and there is always hope of another sunny day. It was very special journey up Bell Rock that evening for me.

Now I can say more clearly, “Do not hike or climb Bell Rock in a rainy day” ^_^
rainbow in bellrock

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