Bell Rock as a Vortex

Bell Rock and MeditationWhen I look at Bell Rock I often feel centered and connected to the strong energy of heaven and earth. I think the shape of Bell Rock is one of the reasons I feel that way.

For example, Bell Rock is a triangle toward the sky. At times it resembles a person meditating in a half-lotus posture. In the ancient oriental culture the physical center or the second chakra of our body is in our lower abdomen. Thus the half-lotus position is a very centered. After some basic warm-up practices such as shaking, tapping, and/or stretching the body for 5 to 10 minutes, sitting in a half lotus or any comfortable posture for meditation is one of great things I do on Bell Rock.

Bell Rock and Vortex
Bell Rock also feels like a spiral with a center-axis when it is viewed from the sky as the Google map shows. Many books about Sedona usually state that Bell Rock is a vortex with a masculine or electric energy. It is recommended for people who want to receive a message or healing. I think the shape of Bell Rock contains the message and contributes to the healing.

When I meditate on Bell Rock, I often receive good ideas for my work or messages for my life’s journey. I appreciate Bell Rock and when I have a big decision to make I bring it to Bell Rock and do some practices sincerely and then meditate on it. Naturally the answer comes to my mind and it then becomes my choice to take action on it.

If you have an issue to decide or solve and need a place to it think over, come to Bell Rock. Bell Rock will help you get the answer.

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