Hiking at Night

I like climbing to the top of Bell Rock because it has a great view in all directions, always gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and it is a great work-out.

Full Moon from Bell Rock One day a while back I asked myself this question, “Do I really love Bell Rock?” After climbing to its top hundreds of times, I came to this conclusion: “Yes, I love Bell Rock.” My reason is simple: In order to love something or someone, you need to love not just the bright side (daytime in this case ^^) but also the dark side (nighttime) too. That’s when I started climbing Bell Rock at night, over 30 times so far.

Now I get to enjoy hiking at night as well as daytime because it gives me such a quiet time to focus on myself as well as other fresh smells from land and trees. But it still requires much caution because of difficulty seeing, a scary mood from darkness, and dangers from spiders, scorpions, as well as centipedes. spider at Bell Rock

I think hiking at night is only good for someone who has the experience of hiking over 100 times during the day, because at night it is not possible to explore here and there. With a lantern, a hiker must follow the exact same path he or she is used to at daytime for safety.

Tonight when I meditate at the top of Bell Rock, the lights from the houses and cars in the Village of Oak Creek look like the light of human-beings who want to grow as bright as stars in the sky. And we are here to help each other for that purpose.
lights from village

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