Thanks to US Forest Service (Department of Agriculture)

US forest serviceOne day when I was hiking on one of trails near Bell Rock, I saw several people walking very fast carrying heavy tools. They looked like military special forces on a mission. I soon realized that they were wearing US Forest Service uniforms. I was very impressed with their determination. They help make many great nature-friendly trails and benches for hikers as well as many other nature-protection tasks.

I love their annual Recreation Guide to Your National Forest because it has very useful information for hikers and visitors. People can get this free guide at the Red Rock Ranger District Station at the entrance to the Village of Oak Creek or at the Sedona Chamber of Commerce in uptown Sedona.

I particularly like the south and north trail heads of Bell Rock. When I am too busy or it is too dark to hike in the morning or night, I just park there and do my own spiritual practices like jogging, shaking, tapping, stretching, Kigong and meditation in the bench area. At those times I really appreciate the U.S. Forest Service’s facilities that I use.

Bell Rock Trail

Though I often climb to the top of Bell Rock the actual Forest Service trail ends half way up. When I pass the sign, ‘End of trail’ it reminds me that I should be very careful to preserve the natural surroundings. I understand Native Americans consider Red Rock country a sacred place and prepared themselves before they entered Sedona to receive heavenly messages.

Thank you US Forest Service for all you do.
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